Convergent™’s Distributed Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (Distributed AI/ML) platform provides analytics solutions that enable companies to use their complex, dynamically changing data to make better decisions. Our proprietary Distributed Intelligence is based on a revolutionary approach to data analytics that overcomes issues plaguing centralized AI/ML systems. Our distributed model deals with heterogeneous data to find localized answers where global models fail to deliver. Continuous processing is uniquely suited to a world of changing inputs that quickly invalidates batch analytics. Adaptive Learning continuously tunes itself to optimize results without needing expensive data scientists. The result is a solution that can quickly deliver the power of AI/ML to a broad untapped market.



The core of this system is the Distributed Intelligence Module; decentralized parallel software that processes continuously, reassessing its conclusions and dynamically updating the results locally based on changing information. Enhancing this system are the Distributed Machine Learning and Human Learning Modules; adaptive self-tuning software that continuously optimizes for the best possible output. The three modules are plug and play and can be used in combination or separately. User Applications are developed using standard templates, while APIs provide fast and easy integration into 3rd party partner workflows. Distributed Intelligence is designed to capitalize on distributed IT architectures. While traditional AI/ML approaches are limited by centralized data storage and processing, the distributed nature of this solution inherently works across servers and systems to scale as needed.


Commercial Model

At Convergent™, our goal is to help companies make better decisions by bringing the power of AI/ML to underserved markets. We focus on solutions where the problem (and the ROI) is clear, but the complexity of the data prohibits making decisions easily. Solutions include Asset Management, Identity Management and Content Management. We offer solutions through direct and partner channels, making their solution, their process or their teams better by reducing their cost to serve and improving the results they deliver. Our SaaS solution and subscription revenue model reduces upfront costs.


Management and Investors

The Convergent™ management team has built and sold six companies to large corporations and taken a company public on the NASDAQ. The Convergent team has been inventing and deploying the underlying Distributed Intelligence approach for more than 20 years and has 3 Patents related to Distributed Intelligence. Axon Connected, LLC is the majority investor. Other investors include SAP NS2®, the Center for Innovative Technology, Mach37™, Blu Venture Investors, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and several private individuals.